MedLion Clinic membership offers unlimited video and phone medical consultations with dedicated, high-quality, board-certified doctors at a price point that is unmatched.

Healthcare Costs Are Dragging Your Organization Down

Sources: Healthcare Bluebook, HTA Health, Kaiser

Healthcare is Broken: Employees Are Suffering & Disengaged

Sources: HTA Health, Kaiser, New York Times. Merritt Hawkins, Sequence, Fractl

Healthcare Subscription Economy

We live in an on-demand, subscription economy. Netflix transformed the way we watch movies. Amazon transformed the way we shop.

We believe healthcare should be just as convenient and affordable. MedLion is pioneering the healthcare subscription economy.

MedLion Clinic Membership Benefits
  • 1:1 Relationship w/Dedicated Doctor
  • Acute & Chronic Condition Care
  • Unlimited Video & Phone Visits
  • 24x7 Text Messaging w/Dedicated Doctor
  • Free Video & Phone Visits for Children
  • e-Prescriptions
  • Labs & Test Orders with Follow Up Visits
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Medical Records Shared w/Referrals
  • 1,500+ Health Issues Covered

Our Data Shows Unprecedented ROI

Employer Value

  • Employer of Choice
    Healthcare benefits is the #1 criteria for job selection beyond compensation. Upgrade benefits with MedLion!
  • Cost Reduction
    • Self-insured employers save $100-$200 per doctor visit in claims cost with MedLion.
    • Fully-insured employers reduce cost by offering MedLion with a lower premium health plan.
  • Productivity Improvement
    Help your employees save 1-2 hours of time away from work for in-person doctor visits.

Employee Value

  • Avoid co-pays of $25-$50 (PPO Plans)
  • Avoid full doctor visit fees (HDHP Plans)
  • Save 1-2 hours of time going for in-person doctor visits

The Founding Team

Health is the foundation for human existence. We can't live productive and fulfilling lives without great health. Our broken healthcare system is impacting the ability for people to accomplish more at work and in their lives. We are passionate about fixing this problem, and are always looking for exceptional people to join us in our mission to change healthcare for the better.

Samir Qamar



Praveen Mooganur


President & COO

Samantha Rivera


SVP, Clinic Operations