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Healthcare Costs Are Dragging Your Organization Down

Sources: Healthcare Bluebook, HTA Health, Kaiser

Healthcare is Broken: Employees Are Suffering & Disengaged

Sources: HTA Health, Kaiser, New York Times. Merritt Hawkins, Sequence, Fractl

Do You Know There Are Ways to Control Costs?

Using Insurance for Primary Care

Insurance should be used for rare and expensive events, not routine primary care

Fee-for-Service System

Visit-based payments are expensive and chronic conditions are costly to treat with multiple visits

Referral Systems Built for Revenue

PCPs are designed to be the feeder channel for specialist and hospital revenue

Primary Care Services

We provide subscription-based primary care services, saving cost and helping your employees accomplish more at work and in their lives.

  • 1:1 Relationship with Dedicated Doctors
  • Acute & Chronic Condition Care
  • Unlimited Video & Phone Visits
  • Free Visits for Children
  • 24x7 Q&A with Doctors via Mobile App
  • e-Scheduling
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab & Test Orders with Follow Up Visits
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Medical Records Shared with Referrals

Our Data Shows Unprecedented ROI

Net Employer Savings

  • $1,200 to $2,000 per employee per year
  • $1.20MM to $2.00MM for every 1,000 employees
  • 15-20% on Total Healthcare Spend

Total Employee Savings

  • $500 per employee per year (PPO Plans)
  • $1,800 per employee per year (HDHP Plans)

Your Organization & Your Employees Accomplish More with MedLion

Executive Benefits

  • CEOs build a great company & brand
  • CFOs achieve better margins & cost control
  • CHROs build a high performance workforce
  • Benefits executives offer benefits that employees can actually use

Employee Benefits

  • Working mothers don't skip work to attend to a sick child
  • Sales reps with health issues don't miss quotas
  • Software engineers don't miss deadlines to see doctors
  • Workers don't forego care due to cost

The Founding Team

Health is the foundation for human existence. We can't live productive and fulfilling lives without great health. Our broken healthcare system is impacting the ability for people to accomplish more at work and in their lives. We are passionate about fixing this problem, and are always looking for exceptional people to join us in our mission to change healthcare for the better.

Samir Qamar



Praveen Mooganur


President & COO

Samantha Rivera


SVP, Clinic Operations

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