How MedLion Works

Imagine healthcare as a 12 inch ruler. The first 9 inches, or 75% of healthcare, is routine primary care. The last 3 inches is what insurance is for — costly catastrophic events.

The current system

Routine Care Catastrophic Events The Current System of Healthcare

Insurance Used for Anything
When insurance is used for routine care, more claims are filed, and the cost goes up.

The MedLion model

Routine Care Catastrophic Events The MedLion Model of Healthcare

MedLion provides high-quality, routine care via an affordable subscription.
Health insurance is reserved for rare events, driving down premiums.

Fantastic Primary Care. Decreased Costs. Same Coverage.

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For individuals and families seeking quality medical care for the cost of a gym membership.


For primary care physicians seeking to enhance or begin their practices with MedLion DPC.


For companies seeking custom health benefits options that are affordable and ACA-compliant.