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“*For Washington state residents, a low per-visit fee is required”

With our Virtual Primary Care membership you get a personal doctor and unlimited video, phone, and text visits for $10 per month.

Unlike Telemedicine, our membership offers 1:1 doctor relationship, continuity, and unlimited virtual visits. Learn more >>

1-2-3 Easy Start


  1. Buy your membership
  2. Get intro text message from your dedicated doctor
  3. Get email with account details and start virtual visits

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10 Benefits. Zero Hassles!

  • #1. 1:1 Doctor Relationship

    Relationships are the foundation for Virtual Primary Care.
    You get a dedicated doctor with your membership.
    You “see” the same doctor every time for virtual visits.
    Our doctors are U.S.-trained, licensed, and have advanced training in family medicine.

  • #2. Acute & Chronic Condition Care

    Whether it is a simple health issue or a chronic condition, our doctors can help with 1,500+ conditions.
    For anything we cannot do virtually, we refer you to a local provider.
    You may use insurance or pay directly for in-person visits.

  • #3. Unlimited Video & Phone Visits

    Your dedicated doctor is available for scheduled video/phone visits Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm local time.
    Use our mobile app or login via our website to access your doctor’s calendar and schedule a visit!

  • #4. 24×7 Text Messaging

    Text message your doctor 24×7 via our secure mobile app.
    You always have your doctor’s input and guidance on health issues.
    In case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or go to a nearest emergency room.



  • #5. Free Visits for Children

    Your membership gives free, unlimited virtual visits for children below 18 years of age! Peace of mind for you and your family.



  • #6. e-Prescriptions

    Your doctor can prescribe medication.
    Pick a pharmacy near you and prescriptions are sent electronically.
    You may use insurance or pay directly for medication.



  • #7. Test Orders & Follow Ups

    Your doctor can send orders for labs and imaging, and do follow-ups.
    You may use insurance or pay directly for labs and tests.



  • #8. Specialist Referrals

    Your doctor can refer you to high-quality specialists when required.
    You may use insurance or pay directly for such specialist visits.



  • #9. Medical Records Sharing

    All referrals from your doctor will include electronic transfer of medical records.
    Your specialist will have everything they need to take care of you.



  • #10. 1,500+ Health Issues Covered

    Your doctor can help with 1,500+ health issues, including allergies & rashes, infections, chronic conditions, injuries, bites, aches & pains, mental health, men’s health, preventive medicine & wellness, women’s health, and more.
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MedLion Clinic’s Virtual Primary Care service is not health insurance and should not be construed as health insurance. MedLion is not a health plan, nor a discount health plan. MedLion provides Virtual Primary Care consultations only, and recommends that Members also obtain insurance coverage for specialized medical care, hospitalizations or catastrophes that are outside MedLion Clinic’s Virtual Primary Care scope of services. MedLion Clinic fees does not include the cost of medication, disposable/durable medical equipment, emergency medical services, hospital, laboratory, radiology, and other specialty services.