M. Samir Qamar, MD

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. ​Samir​ Qamar​ is an international expert in the fields of membership practices, VIP medicine, and Direct Primary Care. His pioneering work in ​creating MedLion, one of the ​​first Direct Primary Care companies, has been profiled domestically and internationally as the company continues to grow ​rapidly ​without outside investors. ​As CEO, Dr. Qamar has expanded ​MedLion ​to ​practices in ​17 states​ in little over four years​. Prior to MedLion, Dr. Qamar began the first concierge medical practice in central California, where ​for many years ​he also served as the house doctor for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts.​

In 2014 ​Dr. Qamar invented The MedWand, a ​revolutionary medical device that​ allows providers to examine patients remotely via secure Internet connections on smartphones and computers. Portable, compact, and affordable, MedWand​ is ​taking ​the telemedicine industry to the next level​ by enabling providers​ to remotely obtain real-time vitals, auscultate heart and lungs, look into ears and throats, obtain 3-lead EKGs and pulse oximetry, and much more.

​Dr. Qamar completed his medical training at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania, one of the best family medicine programs in the country. His visions on the future of primary care have been referenced in many respected publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Forbes, and Time. He speaks six languages, has studied health care systems worldwide, and makes his home in​ Las Vegas,​ Nevada, MedLion’s ​headquarters.

Dr. Qamar is an avid motorsport enthusiast, and can be found on or near a racetrack in his spare time.

Praveen V. Mooganur

President, Chief Operating Officer

Praveen is MedLion’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Praveen is responsible for MedLion’s overall business growth and leads operations including national distribution, product, finance, provider network development, and consumer experience.

Prior to MedLion, Praveen was chief operating officer and co-founder of WiserTogether, a healthcare IT company that provides personalized treatment comparison software to employers, health plans, and consumers. In addition, Praveen held various roles at the Corporate Executive Board and Tata Motors across his career.

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Praveen’s investments include groundbreaking healthcare startups such as MedWand Digital Health and ZendyHealth. Praveen was recognized as one of the top Innovators in 2012 by the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC). Praveen is a frequent speaker on healthcare innovation at national conferences and leadership forums.

Praveen holds an MBA from The George Washington University, and an M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics from The Bangalore University. Praveen lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife and two children.

For business or press related inquiries, please contact Praveen at pmooganur@medlion.com or 202-276-3074.

Michael W. McClelland, JD

General Counsel

Michael McClelland is MedLion’s lead attorney in all matters of medical practice and related regulation. He is a national expert on membership medical practices, insurance law, and the business of medicine. Michael was formerly the head prosecutor for California’s Department of Managed Care, and is well known in the managed care arena. Michael maintains offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles, California, and is one of MedLion’s most trusted advisors in all aspects of the company’s operations. On a personal note, Michael is a voracious reader, well-read in many fields outside law and medicine.

Hisana Qamar, MD

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Hisana Qamar is a MedLion physician, and one of the co-founders of MedLion, Inc. She is trained in Family Medicine, and has been in private practice and urgent care medicine for the past decade. In Monterey, she grew her private practice to one of the largest family medicine practices in the county within a few years. She subsequently converted her practice to a MedLion practice, the first practice conversion in the company. Hisana is now charged with Quality Control and Continuing Medical Education for MedLion physicians. In addition, Hisana actively maintains her new MedLion practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not working, she enjoys interior design and fitness.

Samantha Rivera

Senior Vice President, Operations

Based in Las Vegas at the MedLion administrative offices, Samantha Rivera orchestrates customer service protocols, and is a right-hand officer in the day-to-day technical operations of the company. Originally trained as a pharmacy technician, Samantha switched gears and became office manager for the first VIP medical practice in prestigious Monterey, growing it to one of the most successful concierge practices in Central California. Simultaneously, she managed a second, traditional insurance-based practice, growing it from 20 patients to over 3,000 in under three years. Afterwards, with Dr. Samir Qamar, she assisted in the creation of a third practice, which ended up becoming Monterey-based MedLion Direct Primary Care, California’s first Direct Primary Care practice. Samantha has a wealth of experience in the VIP medicine, Direct Primary Care, and traditional medical practice systems, and is one of MedLion’s most valuable officers. Usually working round-the-clock, when free, she enjoys the company of her beloved dogs, and loves to exercise.