Dramatically increase independence, practice satisfaction, and financial reward. With the everlasting threat of insurance and Medicare reimbursement cuts, Direct Primary Care is one of the biggest new trends in medical practice. MedLion has the fastest-growing network of Direct Primary Care doctors in the country.

New Practices

MedLion helps set up independent Direct Primary Care practices from day one. From clinic design, to special malpractice insurance, to business guidance, MedLion is ready to help.

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Existing Practices

Doctors with existing clinics can dramatically benefit by adding the MedLion program to their current practices. No need to drop Medicare. No up-front costs. Only benefits.

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Existing DPC Practices

For brave doctors trying DPC on their own, MedLion can be a valuable partner. Wraparound plans, corporate marketing strategies, and a national workforce can help your DPC practice succeed.

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